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Like a mote of dust we drift through an evolving landscape of sights and sounds. The infinite expanse of the cosmos surrounds and nurtures us and if we are receptive we are treated to a most dynamic symphony of wonderful and extraordinary sensations. Giving rise to an endless diversity of forms and relationships, the natural world provides the ultimate creative inspiration. It is this wellspring of natural beauty that I seek to transmute into mind expanding journeys through sight and sound. Working across a broad range of mediums with the singular goal of growth an expansion has lead me to pursue an ever expanding and transcendent design aesthetic. Deeply connected to both past and present but ever looking forwards, I move forward on a path of endless creative artistic development.

My Digital Artwork is available for purchase here on my Webstore or in various sizes and formats from:
Fine Art America

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I DJ and Produce Music under the name Resonate. All of my original productions are available as donation based downloads at TinDeck. My DJ Mixes are available right here using the link on the right.

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