Veiled Essence




This Digital Art was created by Nathan Benmargi in 2014. Limited Edition Numbered Prints are currently available on both Canvas (1 of 10) and Archival Quality Photo Paper (1 of 50).

Clear as crystalline experience
the mind divines a richness of time.
A vista of mists and vapors,
all phases flowing into elemental unity.

Obscured in layers of strangeness
the purest reflections reveal
a piercing perfect nature.

With prescience emerges a future
enriched with mycelial strands
of penetrating technology.

A dancing swarm
of interconnected threads
create the limitless symbiosis.

Ever present,
evading explanation.
The truth is veiled
within it’s essence.

All prints are done professionally on your choice of pre-stretched 20×30″ Canvas or Professional Quality 4″x6, 8×10″, or 11×14″ Archival Photo Paper (with protective sleeves). Digital Download option includes the full resolution (2400 × 3000) image presented in JPEG format for personal non-commercial use.

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20×30" Canvas, 4×6", 8×10", 11×14", Digital Download


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